Geotechnical Engineering

BGG provides geotechnical investigations, as well as due diligence studies for potential sites.  We provide foundations recommendations for conventional shallow foundations, piles and piers, and Post Tension slab foundations.  Retaining wall and shoring design parameters can be provided as part of our geotechnical investigations.  BGG also provide expertise in rock mechanics engineering, quarry resource evaluations, and dam and levee evaluation and design.
Our analytical capabilities include slope stability analysis, landslide evaluation and remediation, liquefaction and potential settlement determination, and settlement analysis.  We specialize in ground improvement and soil treatment recommendations, especially related to expansive soils.  We are fully capable in pavement design and maintenance requirements.

Field Exploration and Testing

BGG personnel have extensive experience logging borings, cores and test pits.  Our staff routinely utilizes conventional subsurface exploration methods including, hollow stem/solid flight auger drilling, mud rotary drilling, and cone penetration testing (CPT).  We also can provide specialized drilling services, such as Becker and down hole hammer drilling, hard rock coring, and Sonic drilling.
We can perform field infiltration testing utilizing borings and double ring infiltrometers

Geology & Geologic Engineering

BGG provides geological expertise for geologic hazards evaluation, geologic feasibility studies, and fault investigations.  Our expertise includes identifying asbestos and silicates in soil and bedrock for development and quarry sites.

Construction Monitoring

BGG can provide mass grading observation and testing, underground utility trench backfill testing, and pavement section construction testing utilizing nuclear density gauges.  We have extensive hillside experience in cut and fill slope construction and subdrain design and installation.  We also provide NOA (naturally occurring asbestos) monitoring during grading operations.
Our services include footing excavation observation, pile and pier installation, and retaining wall construction.
BGG can perform reinforced concrete inspection, concrete sampling and testing, and anchor bolt installation special inspection services.
BGG routinely assists in fill export/import testing and evaluation during construction.

Environmental Services

BGG can provide environmental services, such as Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment reports, and limited Phase 2 ESA site soil, bedrock and groundwater sampling and testing.